The Best Ways To Get High Quality Website Links

SEO Content

Link building is one of the hardest aspects of SEO. A creative approach is necessary to earn links from authoritative and trustworthy websites to increase the organic ranking. Some of the best tactics are listed below.

Engaging Readers

To engage readers the content must be powerful, make the readers want to share socially and be able to earn links of extremely high quality. If the content is unable to capture the visitors attention within the first few sentences they will leave.

Accepting Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is still considered a novelty. Business accepting cryptocurrency stand out and are worth being linked to. The website can then reach out to every business with a list of cryptocurrency that has been published.

Interactive Data

Interactive data is informative, eye catching, powerful and infographic. A great idea used with creativity can earn excellent links. Interactive data is also easy to produce and cost effective.

The Best Of

Featuring the best of a specific person, thing or place creates content with value. This can even be a list of the top ten, twenty, etc. of nearly anything. People will often link to this type of information. This is especially true of the people marketing something on the list.

The Resource List

Publishing a complete list of everything regarding the website’s industry can easily build links. This should include a complete description for each item and images. The list should have a table of contents, be categorized, formatted and include jump links.

The influencer

An influencer is someone whose opinion will be shared on a website and through social media and publications. An influencer will earn links simply by publishing a post to their status. This also makes it simpler to reach out to others for links. Becoming an influencer takes a lot of time and hard work. This involves numerous areas of expertise and passion for a particular subject.

The Event

When a business hosts an event and gets the industry and local media involved it will draw links. Associating a website with a prominent organization is important because the organization will promote the business. Issuing a press release is an excellent tactic.


A press release must be able to remain current. It should have the same relevance a year after it is released. The press release can be about a report, a webinar or a live event. A link should be included. The subject should be newsworthy so publications will want to link to it.

Nurturing Relationships

Friendships with journalists and contributors will pay off in links and exposure. The individuals should be in the same niche, the website should provide them with value, comments should be made regarding their posts and they should receive help when possible.

Complementary Products and Services

Look for websites offering complimentary products and services. The create content that has an integral role regarding these products or services. Reach out to the complimentary businesses so they are aware of the posts.

The Podcasts

Many people listen to podcasts. They always offer a website where the episodes are posted. Podcasters are also always searching for an expert to interview. By speaking as a guest for the podcast, chances are excellent links will be made. Starting a podcast can be an effective strategy as well. This provides the ability to be featured in articles that will draw links.


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